Demonstration of improved Dutch storage, sorting and packaging technologies


Most commonly used onion storages are either farm-based (in shed, home or on field) or a market-based fan-ventilated room, without temperature, CO2 and humidity control. Sorting and packaging is done manually. The traditional farm-based storages and lack of knowledge on quality storage and proper handling of onions lead to avoidable losses of volume and quality during storage. As a result, the shelf-life of the onions is limited resulting in shortages especially from September- December.

What do we do?

Improved storage, sorting and packaging technologies and increased knowledge are needed that contribute to reduced post-harvest losses, extended onion shelf-life and reduced Bangladeshi onion imports. The following activities are therefore implemented during the project period:

  • Based on the financial and economic feasibility of the expected storage performance, the following local business partners were selected where the improved technologies are demonstrated:
  • Designs are made for a 1) box storage facility and 2) a bag-based storage facility.
  • The storage and handling equipment is constructed, shipped to Bangladesh together with 170 boxes and demonstrated at the storage facilities.
  • The storage conditions are monitored using sensors and by coaching the storage managers.
  • The operational performance of the selected storage facilities is monitored and reported on.

The activities are implemented by Allround and Waterman Onions and with local support from Deltadesh.


Allround Vegetable Processing
Allround offers a range of storage, sorting, grading, washing, polishing, brushing, weighing, bagging and material handling lines for vegetables and potatoes. The company has dealerships worldwide, including in Bangladesh. Allround will demonstrate its storage, sorting and grading solutions at the selected onion traders. In addition, the company will provide technical assistance to facilitate the uptake of the demonstrated solutions.
Bejo Zaden

Bejo Zaden is a major horticultural seed supplier with global outreach and experience in Southeast Asia including Bangladesh. Bejo breeds and produces a range of onion varieties suitable for Bangladesh. Together with the local partner Lal Teer, Bejo will set up demonstrations of new onion varieties and provide training to farmers and distributors.

Waterman Onions

Waterman Onions is a leading Dutch onion company, that handles, packages and delivers around 150,000 tonnes of onions across the world each year. The company has expertise in all steps of onion postharvest handling, storing, packaging, distribution and marketing, and will transfer this knowledge to its counterparts in Bangladesh. Waterman Onions will be responsible for training onion sector stakeholders such as medium farmers, traders, storage providers and agriculture extension workers.

Deltadesh Pvt Ltd

Deltadesh is a Dutch-owned private company headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company is specialized in procurement, contracting and implementation of turn-key projects in different sectors, including agriculture. Deltadesh will act as the local support office and will assist with the data collection for monitoring and evaluation of the project’s progress and impact.

Lal Teer Seed
Lal Teer Seed Limited is the leading vegetable seed supplier in Bangladesh. The company has outstanding technical knowledge of agricultural farming in Bangladesh and, through its field officers, delivers tailor-made advice to farmers all over the country. Lal Teer will supply the seed varieties, set up demonstration units, organise and implement field days and farmer training.
Advance Consulting
Advance Consulting is a Dutch business advisory firm for investments and projects in emerging economies. The company assist government agencies and development organisations on sustainable business development. Advance Consulting is responsible for the overall project coordination and management of the Onion Impact Cluster. In addition, the company will provide technical support on business assessments and financial and economic analyses of new business models in the onion sector.
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. RVO provides 50% co-funding for the pilot activities implemented with support from the private sector partners.


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